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Read  the Slowtwitch article with Chris McDonald who redefined the term "Fearless Leader" with his dominant victory at ULTRAMAN FLORIDA. 

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by Erika McDonald

Hola!  So we are still having some pretty cold days here in Boulder.  My family loves to eat a nice, warm bowl of soup

with a crusty loaf of bread.  I was in a big rush and looking for something easy to throw togetherRead more . . . 

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by Erik Greenfield

Productive and safe riding . . . but what about the boredom factor of indoor riding? Workouts, worlds, and challenges will take care of that! We've got some awesome ways you can challenge yourself and get more out of your Zwift workouts.


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Carrie Pappas

AG 45-49

Avg # Training Hrs Per Week:



Avg Caloric Daily Intake Peak Training:


Diet Ratio:

  • 30% Carb/ 50% Protein/ 20% Fat


Favorite Nutrition Product(s):



Nutrition Plan Development:

  • Personal research, Internet, etc.


Issues and Resolution for IM racing:

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Scott Horns has been with BSR since its inception. Listen to his introduction and coaching background.

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Big Sexy SwimRun:

Leaping into a New Adventure

by Kris Swann Cordova

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If you're looking for a new challenge, swimrun may be just the thing you need. The sport has been growing in Europe for the last 10+ years, and with new races now popping up in the US every year, there's probably one near you!


What is it?

My favorite description of swimrun is "amphibious trail running." The concept is pretty simple – you race with a partner across the natural terrain of a location. When there’s water, you swim across it, and when there’s land, you run. Read more . . .


To swim or not to swim…

that is the question?

By Stacey Head PT, WCS, CLT, ATC

Swim intro.jpg

In the first part of this series we will talk about what swimmer’s shoulder is, do you have it and what do

you have it and what do you need to do right away. In next month’s installation, we will talk about how to prevent it.

So what is swimmer’s shoulder exactly? It is pain in the shoulder which is usually more towards the front and outside. This can be due to poor posture, Read more . . .


The Lure of Trail Running

by Kris Vance


  With the popularity in trail running and ultras growing, it’s no surprise we’re seeing a lot of M-dot tattoos on the trails.  Trail running, to our A type,

training junkie, love of challenge personalities, is like a bear to honey. If a trail race is on your bucket list, here’s my list of things to know.. tri vs trails… Read more . . .

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Red Dirt Ultra 50K
Rebecca Borque
Gravel Growler
Janell Johnson Walter
Sarasota Half Marathon
Carrie Pappas
Rich Chojnacki
Aaron Thompson
Booby Trap 5K
Lori Abbey 3rd AG
Booby Trap Marathon
Lori Abbey
Dallas Hot Chocolate 15K
Lin Wheeler Sanders
Lovin the Hills
50K/ Kris Vance
6 Mi/ Hannah Lyons Coz
Heart and Sole 5K
Bobbe Greenberg 1st AG
Phoenix Marathon
Ben Miller
Lisa Miller
Kris Swann Cordova
Rock and Roll Marathon
Sherry Rowland
Rebecca Borque
Ellis Borque
Frozen Nose 5K
Janell Johnson Walter PR
Mid GA 100K Gravel Grinder
Jasn Ball
Ft Lauderdale 1/2 Marathon
Bobbe Greenberg
Della Irby
24 Hr Old Pueblo Epic Ride
Ben Miller
Lisa Miller
Ultraman Florida
Chris McDonald 1st OA
Race Record
Jamie Harris 1st OA
Back to Back Winner
Cowtown Half Marathon
Lin Wheeler Sanders
Q50 Trails Extravaganza Sherry Rowland
Rebecca Bourque
Adam Hall 2nd OA
Francis Asprodites 3rd OA​
Gasparilla 15K
 Eddie Carvallo
Mt Currahee Gravel Grinder Jason Ball


Boulder Camp.JPG
for camp details and
to reserve a spot!
Masterclass camp hosted by Chris McDonald, Harold Wilson and Scott Horns. Special appearances by 3x Ironman Champ and 12 Hr TT world champion, Dede Griesbauer and other guests to be announced.
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