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by Erika McDonald

Hola! My friends call me La Fabulosa, but most people in the triathlon world know me as Chris’ better half. I love food, I love to cook, and we love to entertain! Being from a Mexican family, cooking for others and forcing them to eat before they leave your house, is part of our culture. We often show our love by cooking for family and friends. You are sad? Let me make you something! You are happy? Let me bake you something! Your boyfriend broke up with you? Let me make you a special drink!

In each BIG SEXY newsletter I’ll be sharing one of our favorite family recipes. What makes them even better is that each recipe will feature one of the many Certified Piedmontese products we keep on hand. With products so delicious, healthy, and lean, my meals are guaranteed to never fail! Go to recipe . . .

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Each month we will feature the nutrition plan of a BSR member in the hopes of providing ideas tothose new to the discipline or struggling with nutrition issues.


Lori Abbey


Age Group:  50-54


Past issues w/ nutrition if any:  

I cannot remember any “true” issues with nutrition.  I know that my nutrition plan has definitely evolved since I entered the endurance sports world.  I have gone from training for 13.1 with nothing during training runs, and course provided nutrition only to an extremely regimented hydration and nutrition plan. Read more . . .


Looking to take your indoor cycling training to the next level . . . here's a primer on how to "Zwift!"

by #SuperSexy Kevin Smith


On the last day of September in 2014, indoor cycling was changed forever.  On this day, Zwift was launched in its beta, invitation-only form. There were over 13000 applications for a mere 1000 beta slots, and yours truly was lucky enough to snag one.  Since that time, I’ve ridden 6466 miles and spent over 317 hours exploring the virtual landscape.


The winter season (for most of us) has transitioned our cycling indoors, and it’s hard to find a better training motivator than riding with and against others across the globe in our warm, dry, and safe homes.  Read more . . .

Interview with Shane Peed 1/26/2019

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The Value of Training Camps

by Harold Wilson



You may have noticed, it’s all over social media, a lot of triathletes are preparing for and attending early season training camps. Training camps can be beneficial on many levels. Those who have attended have reaped the benefits. The structure of a good training camp lends itself to all levels of triathletes, eliminates distractions, and gets you out of your comfort zone. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend several training camps Read more . . .


Ultraman Florida with Lori Abbey

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by Jack Rafter

Over 50 years of running and coaching has afforded me the luxury of knowing some can't fail, yet simple things for both success and longevity. Sometimes we try and overcomplicate things. "KISS" (Keep it Simple Stupid) and at the same time don't get stuck in a winter rut of slogging out base miles! Give this simple base model one a go to start and build or inject as your needs dictate . . .


5 minutes @Zone 1

5 minutes @Zone 2

5 minutes @Zone 3}

5 minutes @ Zone 1 cool down

Read more . . .




by Nina Norris

I recognize that I am somewhat of an anomaly is this sport of Triathlon.  I LOVE to swim – anywhere, anytime, any distance. People often mistake me for a long-time competitive swimmer.  However, I did not have the opportunity growing up. What I did have, however, was a wonderful Mother who was avid swimmer and she instilled the same love of water into me.  She taught us all to swim before we could walk. She was the local Water Safety Instructor in our little rural community in Nebraska. Read more . . .

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Hits Sarasota OLY

Scott Horns 1st AG, 6th OA

Red Nose Half Marathon

Erika Ball

Great Scorpion Trail Run 

Ellis Bourque 12.5k

Rebecca Bourque 25k

Elton Reed 50k

Resolution Half Marathon

Lin Wheeler Sanders 3rd AG​


Walt Disney World Marathon

Adam Hall

Erik Greenfield


Charleston Marathon

Jodi Newman

Charleston  Half Marathon

Emmeeyekayee Rock


Charleston 5K

Courtney Mickel


Lori Rovelstad Abbey

Rain Run Half Marathon

Sara Bennett

Bold in the Cold 15K

James Margiotta

Houston Marathon

Ann Mandt Hall

Mike Tarabay


Maui Oceanfront 10K

Elicia Driver


Prarie Dog Half Marathon

Khris Swann Cordova

Louisiana Half Marathon

Sherry Rowland

Louisiana Marathon

Michelle Reed Boston Qualified

Arizona Rock and Roll Marathon

Tony Roush

Charlotte Hot Chocolate Run

Courtney Mickel 5K

Emmeyekayee Rock 15K

Carlsbad Half Marathon

Patty Howlett Magaudda​


Westminster Indoor Triathlon

Milo Fritts


Sunbelt Masters Swim Meet

Rick Weslock

100 Back, 100 Breast (3rd), 100 Fly (1st), 100 IM (3rd), 200 Back (2nd), 200 Breast (3rd), 200 Fly (2nd), 200 IM (3rd), 400 IM (1st), 50 Fly (3rd)

UBGT Grind n' Trail Run

Stacy Divis Head

Mt. Mist 50K

Elton Reed

Miami Half Marathon

Bobbe Greenberg

Texas Hill camp.png

Back by popular demand . . . the Texas Hill Country training camp. This camp is all inclusive with all the bells and whistles. All you have to do is get yourself to Austin, TX

for camp details and
to reserve a spot!
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