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by Erika McDonald



4 - 5 lb. tenderloin

½  - ¾ c. mustard (Maille preferred brand)

1 c. Panko breadcrumbs

1 c. fried onion rings

2 tsp. fresh thyme

2 tsp. coarse sea salt


Preheat oven to 500F.


Break onion rings into pieces using a rolling pin; add Panko, thyme and salt to mixture. You may want to increase the quantities for a heavier crust.


Dry tenderloin with paper towels and then spread mustard evenly on both sides. Roll the tenderloin in the coating mix. Place on a rack in an uncovered roasting pan. (If you refrigerate at this point remember to let the meat come to room temperature before roasting.) Place in the 500F oven for the first 15 minutes, reduce heat to 325F and roast for 10 minutes per pound for medium rare doneness.

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Nutrition Plans/  Time Mgt 

Dr. Sherry Rowland

Pediatric Physician

Slidell Memorial Hospital


It is quite a challenge to fit in Triathlon training as a physician. Figuring out and executing the 4th discipline on top of that is a whole new level of challenge. Sherry Rowland, a decade long competitor in triathlon and IM finisher, is still working on refining that and feels she is on the edge of that solution with the help of OWN Nutrition services. 


Sherry currently  competes in the 55-59 age age bracket. In peak  Read more . . . 

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Interview with Harold Wilson

Cut through the white noise, know where to start with your endurance sports specific strength training and learn from a true master in this sport.


"I Commit to Not Quit"

by Kris Vance

Kris gives us an update on her prep for an iconic ultra The Leadville 100. 

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Every year at the Leadville trail run and mountain bike races, one of my favorite moments are the pre-race Read more . . .

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Last time we talked about what Swimmer’s Shoulder is, the anatomy of the shoulder complex and how this is diagnosed. We touched briefly on treatment of swimmer’s shoulder which should begin with an anti-inflammatory focus. However as much as diagnosis and  treatment is important, we need to Read more . . .


Keeping you in the pool instead of on the deck: Injury Prevention for Swimmer’s Shoulder


By Stacey Head PT, WCS, CLT, ATC




Read an excerpt from:

Chris 'Big Sexy' McDonald's journey to the Ultraman World Championships. 


Chris McDonald was joined by Ventum's Rachel Blechman to review the bikes, talk about Ultraman and answer questions from the team. Check out this live video session recorded recently!

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for camp details and
to reserve a spot!
Masterclass camp hosted by Chris McDonald, Harold Wilson and Scott Horns. Special appearances by 3x Ironman Champ and 12 Hr TT world champion, Dede Griesbauer and other guests to be announced.
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Coaching options offered in association with BSR: RX is an abbreviation for a prescription. We will write a training prescription exactly for you. Our formula is simple. Improvement takes commitment, hard work, consistency and patience. Our approach to helping you is also simple. Inquire about coaching . . .

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Ironman New Zealand, NZ Geoff Oliver Mark Sissons​

La Grange Sprint Triathlon

Damon Grimes 2nd AG


Southern Cross Gravel Grinder Jason Ball

Myrtle Beach Marathon

Erik Greenfiled

Lake Sammamish 1/2 Marathon

Robin Hayes PR


Naked Bavarian Trail Race Jackie Pomeroy

Chattanooga Half Marathon

Ed Rusk 5th AG


Mountain to Fountain 15K

Ben Miler

Lisa Miller 5th AG

Russell VanBeber

Tony Roush

Seattle Hot Chocolate 15k

Robin Hayes

Land Between the Lakes

Kris Vance

Parris Island Sprint Tri

Damon Grimes

Children’s Hospital 1/2 Marathon

Michael Wilson


Courthouse O’Putnam 5K 

Andrew Luneau

New Orleans Women’s 1/2

Rebecca Borque

Lucky Clover Run

Tom Lang 1st AG

Wrightsville Beach 1/2 Marathon

Alice Feeney 2nd AG

St. Pat’s Day Tri 

Lin wheeler Sanders 1st AG

Joe Davis 10k

Rick Weslock 3rd OA

Zydeco 1/2 Marathon

Daniel Allemond

Zydeco Marathon

Michelle Reed 1st AG

Great Clermont Oly Tri

Eddie Caravallo


Shamrock Shuffle

Kris Swann Cordova 5th AG


PSK 5k for Education

Stacey Head 1st AG

Run the Creek

Erik Greenfield 1st AG


IM70.3 Puerto Rico

Kitty Cole 5th AG


St. Patrick's Day Classic

Francis Asprodites


Tobacco Trail 1/2 Marathon

Courtney Mickel PR

Mike Stone PR

Super Seal Tri

Connor Torre 2nd AG

Al Torre 3rd AG


Rock Bay Area St Patrick's 8K Bob Weiler, Erin Weiler

Karla Witzke, Ben Roth

Mooloolaba Triathlon

Elicia Driver 4th AG

March Madness 1/2 Marathon Bobbe Greenberg 2nd AG


No Luck 13.1 Run

Ann Hall


Shamrockin Run 8K

Ellis Bourque Rebecca Bourque

Speed Project Relay

Elicia Driver 

Naked Prussian 1/2 Marathon

Jackie Pomeroy

Springtime Tallahassee 10K

Lori Jean Rovelstad Abbey

Jamie Harris

Craft Beer Half

Courtney Mickel

Emmeyekayee Rock

Jodi Newman 


Blue Grass Half

Ann Mandt Hall 

Thomas Crisp

Music City 1/2 Marathon

Mauricio Sanchez 2nd AG/ PR

Della Duvall Irby 2nd AG


Sampson County Super Sprint

Courtney Mickel, Mike Stone

Rock Hill Time Trial

Jodi Newman


Minneola Sprint Tri

Rich Chojnacki 4th AG

Aaron Thompson 3rd AG

Encinitas 1/2 Marathon

John Hatala 1st AG


Harvest Hope Duathlon

Emma Coakley 1st AG 4th OA

The Speed Project

Los Angeles to Las Vegas

​Elicia Driver

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