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  • If I’m accepted onto Big Sexy Racing, can I still be part of other teams/clubs?"
    YES! A lot of our team members are affiliated with local clubs or companies. The only requirement is that you affiliate your Ironman status and list your team as Big Sexy Racing, LLC.
  • Do I have to wear the Team BSR kit at all races?
    YES, we do ask that you wear your kits. Your team dues cover the cost of Big Sexy Racing branded apparel. Plus, It’s a great way for you to identify your fellow teammates at other races. Our sponsors love seeing you represent them and so do we!
  • Is triathlon the only sport Big Sexy Racing is affiliated with?
    NO! We started as a triathlon team and enjoyed being at the top of Ironman Global rankings for several years. As both the sport and BSR evolved, we expanded to other arenas: gravel racing, running, cycling, swim/run, etc.
  • Do I have to be active on social media?
    99.99% of our communication is done via our private Facebook page. We’ve explored other platforms, but this seems to be the easiest. Since we do have some amazing partners who extend great deals to the team, we do ask that you post/share/like them when you are using their products and when we post a deal they are promoting. Obviously we want you to only post things that feel organic to you, and you are NOT required to purchase anything.
  • If I am accepted on the team, how much does it cost to join and what do I get?"
    The cost is $250 and includes a Big Sexy Racing apparel allowance. At the time your kits ship, we also have some sponsor swag to throw in! Discount codes from our sponsors are an added perk to being part of the team.
  • When will the apparel and merch store be open?
    Our latest stores with performance apparel as well the store with t-shirt and other soft goods to support the team will be open in November.
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